Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis The Season to be Careful!!!

Just like Halloween...Christmas and all its glitter and sparkle can be hazardous to your buns health...
More cords.
Package wrappings, and tinsil
Artificial trees

Use baby gates to protect the protect your bun.

The good news is that NATURAL Christmas trees are safe -- But be sure to ask before you buy a tree; a "natural" looking tree may still have been treated with pesticides, fire retardent, even paint! (Yes, some lots will spray their trees with a paint! So much for natural... )

Natural pinecones are safe as well; again, many sources of pinecones, however, will not be natural, if if they look it! Pinecones purchased at craft stores will usually be coated with a scent, some type of sealant, or other chemical process which makes them unsafe for bunny consumption.
We have pinecones in the backyard!! Free treats!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

sTOP!!  iTS mR rABbIT!!!! 

Designer Ji Lee and his team of inventive public art enthusiasts have created a touching urban intervention titled "Mysterabbit." The street project involves 10,000 tiny bunny statues that have been hidden in random spots across the world.
From South Korea to Iceland to the United States, Lee's small sculptures -- which appear to be meditating -- greet unsuspecting pedestrians who happen to catch a glimpse of the peaceful creatures as they go about their business.
Mysterabbit is a whole new take on the age old cliche, "Stop and smell the roses," that encourages hurried city residents to take slow down and enjoy life's small pleasures. "We hope [Mysterabbits] will stop people from their daily routine and for a brief moment, make them wonder about their mysterious, newly found gift, and a small piece of the beautiful world that surrounds them

Friday, November 8, 2013

The 10 Most Popular Breeds of Rabbits
(according to ARBA)

Drum roll please!!

#1-Mini Rex

#2-Netherland Dwarf

#3-Holland Lop


#5-Mini Lop


#7-New Zealand

#8-Jersey Wooly


and last...but not least...


Which one do you have at home?
We are looking to add a new bunny to our household soon! 
A Netherland Dwarf Seal!!
We're so excited!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Thats how many people live in the United States.
Can you guess how many pets live here?
Approx. -360,000,000
Isn't that’s astonishing?!
 Not only that, but spending on pets has surpassed the candy industry and the toy industry. Its a good thing ...dont ya think...that we spend more on our furry friends and we do on Snickers Bars?!
We sure do love our pets!

More than half of us buy a holiday gift for our pets. And depending on who you believe, 8-50% of us  buy our pets something special for their birthdays.

Why do you think this is?
There are all sorts of theories.
Pets could be becoming America's new kids.  Women are waiting longer to have children, and many more than in the past are choosing not to have kids at all.
But still there is a need to nurture and care for and watch over a little something.
We like the company.

So it looks like the young and the old, the single and the married, and the empty nesters alike...are all lavishing their attentions on their pets.
Thats ok though..for we have a lot to give.
And its good for the lucky pets who are on the receiving end of all this generosity!!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

We  love contests!
We hold them all the time on our Facebook page
We are  toying with the idea of an art contest.
(But havent figured out how to pull it off...yet)

But here's another animal advocate group that had a fun poetry contest, for school age children.
We thought it would be nice to  share the results with you.
Creative kids rock!
Here is where you go for todays smile!

We love the worlds animal lovers.
What'd you think?  Should we have an art contest?!
Would you enter?
We'd love to hear from you!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

"Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!!"

I learned something new today!
Did you know that on the first day of every month there  is a commonly practiced superstition, especially in England, of repeating the words rabbit, rabbit, rabbit before even getting out of bed!!!???  Doing so is believed to ensure good luck for the person who does so.

The exact origin of the superstition is unknown, though it was recorded as being said by children in 1909.

 It appeared in a work of fiction in 1922: "Why," the man in the brown hat laughed at him, "I thought everybody knew 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.' If you say 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit'—three times, just like that—first thing in the morning on the first of the month, even before you say your prayers, you'll get a present before the end of the month."
 Today it has spread to many English-speaking countries and in the United States the tradition is common in New England, in particular in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, although, like all folklore, determining its exact area of distribution is difficult.
The superstition may be related to the broader belief in the rabbit or hare being a "lucky" animal, as exhibited in the practice of carrying a rabbit's foot for luck.
 Rabbits have not always been thought of as lucky, however. In the 19th century, for example, fishermen would not say the word while at sea, and in South Devon to see a white rabbit in one's village when a person was very ill was regarded as a sure sign that the person would die.
credit to Wikipedia

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Safety Tips for You and You Bun!!

You smart rabbit owners have probably already thought about all these things...
But a good reminder never hurts...right?

For a frightened furry friend is no fun.

Tip #1-Think about the noises created by the celebration of Halloween. Doorbells and squeals, hooting and hollering.  There are all sorts of crazy sound effects, both inside and outside your home.  Those furry ears will pick up all of it.  Keep your bun away from the door and in a quiet room.  You know he'll thank you for it later.

Tip #2- Did you know that your bun recognizes your shape before anything else. Your shape and your smell. Costumes are going to wig him out! If your costume changes your a boxy robot...and you talk with a new accent, your bun wont know who you are.  Which we can all imagine would be a scary experience for Floppy. Try putting your costume on in front of him.  That'll eliminate the surprises... Or at least lessen the uncertainty.Or better yet...put on your costume after he's gone to bed!!!

Tip#3-Candy. We know its not good for us. We are certain its even worse for rabbits. Be strong and say NO!!

Tip #4-Decorations. That cottoncandy looking spiderweb from Walmart may look appetizing...but its no good for the buns. Not on any level. Serious tummy problems are guaranteed if this stuff is ingested. Keep it out of reach!!

Tip #5-Candles. The same rules that apply to kids apply to bunnies and fire. That yummy smelling jack-0-lantern with a candle inside will be to hard to resist!! Curiosity will kill the bun and possibly set the house on fire!! Out of reach is best!

Tip#6-Pet Costumes.  Sticks in the mud dont recommend them for rabbits. But its almost impossiable to resist the tempation to use those ears and cute round body and cover them in adornments.  If you do, please remember to not use rubber bands and elastics. They will be too tight! Watch them like a hawk..for they will probably try to get it off...for they will feel silly, right!?  Dont let them get entangled.  And resist the temptation if you think this custom of dressing up will stress your little bun out or that'll heat them up too much either,  Have Peter the Rabbit dress as fast as a runway model, and then snap a few pics and then disrobe as fast as a model as well!!

Have fun Halloween fans!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"DO" The Worlds Oldest Rabbit

You want to know his secret!!!??
He never ate a vegetable in his live long life!!!
Isnt that what David Sherwood has been telling us all along!!!??
Sure we want to give the ones we love a treat...
But should we!!!?? 
Food for thought folks.
Go HERE for more about "DO" the Oldest rabbit.  
And go Here and Here to learn more about the diet Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food suggests for your bun.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here’s a handy tool from the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. It’s a state-by-state listing of emergency veterinary clinics and hospitals. Use the tool and post the results on your refrigerator (or smartphone) before you need it.
Go here for the help!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

July 28,- Today is the Beatrix Potter’s birthday –  Many admire Beatrix Potter because even though she was the creator of wonderfully illustrated children’s stories, she was talented in many other ways. Despite growing up as a daughter in a Victorian era family she was an artist and writer, and known as a gifted natural scientist and botanical illustrator. In her later years she bought farmlands and became a sheep expert. She was also a conservationist and left her lands in a national trust.
 But most of all Beatrix loved animals and the 'real' Peter Rabbit who was a Belgian buck rabbit she called Peter Piper. She said of Peter that he was 'bought at a very tender age, in the Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush, for the exorbitant sum of 4/6'. This little rabbit she called her 'affectionate companion' gave his first name to one of the world's best-loved fictional characters.

for more on Beatrix!
here too!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beware of Overheating During Summer MonthsSummer is in full swing and we want to remind everyone that bunnies do NOT tolerate heat well. If they get overheated it can quickly become fatal. Imagine if you were wearing a fur coat in hot weather!

Please protect your bunny from becoming overheated by keeping them indoors and making sure the temperature does not exceed 78 degrees. Any time the air temperature gets to 80 or above, it quickly becomes dangerous, not to mention very uncomfortable. Another way to help keep your bunny cool is to provide a couple 12" x 12" squares of marble, granite or even just ceramic tile for them to stretch out on. These can be purchased for a couple to a few dollars each from a home improvement store. You can also fill a plastic water or soda bottle with water and freeze it, then put it on a mat or towel in their living area for them to stretch out next to if they are feeling too warm. Fans are good for circulating the air, but don't set them so they are blowing directly on your bunnies.
And of course, never leave your bunny unattended in a vehicle even if you think you might be 'just a minute or two' with a quick stop at a store. It only takes a couple minutes for the inside air temperature of a vehicle to soar well beyond what bunnies can tolerate. 

Here is a link to an informative article by the 
House Rabbit Society .

art by Erin Kravchenko

Friday, March 29, 2013


Chocolate Easter bunny  
In a jelly bean nest,  
I'm saving you for very last  
Because I love you best.  
I'll only take a nibble  
From the tip of your ear  
And one bite from the other side  
So that you won't look queer.  
Yum, your'e so delicious!  
I didn't mean to eat  
Your chocolate tail till Tuesday.  
Ooops! There go your feet!  
I wonder how your back tastes  
With all that chocolate hair.  
I never thought your tummy  
Was only filled with air!  
Chocolate Easter bunny  
In a jelly bean nest,  
I'm saving you for very last  
Because I love you best.  

                                 Bobbie Katz

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Rabbit Parable 

In Wildwood, a socially eminent Rabbit,
Of dignity, substance and girth,
Had chosen a suitable hole to inhabit–
An excellent burrow of earth.

When up came a Woodchuck, a genuine Groundhog,
Who wanted the place for his lair;
The Rabbit, impressed by a seventeen-pound Hog,
Abruptly departed from there.

But shortly thereafter a virtuous Badger
Slid down from the neighbouring shelf;
The Woodchuck he slew as a robber and a cadger,
Bequeathing the hole to himself.

 A Fox who believed in the law of requital
Appeared through the bordering fern;
He questioned the Badger’s Manorial title
Demanding the burrow in turn.

A battle ensued in a terrible smother,
Affrighting the hardiest soul;
The Fox and the Badger abolished each other,
The Rabbit returned to his hole.

So here is appended the mildest of morals,
Accept it for what it is worth:
“When all the Haughty are killed in their quarrels
The Meek shall inherit the earth.”

                                                  Arthur Guiterman

Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Rabbit Habit

I have a rabbit habit.
I collect them constantly.
I hardly dare go shopping
in case there's one I see.
I love all bunny statues
made of pewter, wood or glass,
and rabbit-patterned kitchenware
with bunny demitasse...
I like to cuddle bunny toys
stuffed and fluffed with fur,
and even rabbit lingerie
holds quite a strong allure.
I favor rabbit ornaments
to hang around my home.
I've wondered if there's
such a thing as bunny
shaving foam...
If someone were to ask me
to a genuine masked ball,
I'd go as Br'er or Velveteen--
no contest, none at all!
OOOOOh, I have to have my bunnies.
It's a rabid habit, see?
You haven't heard the half of it.
Help me -- rabbitly!

                         Cheryl Hawkinson

art-daria lvovsky

Monday, February 18, 2013

What Is It ? 

Tall ears, 
Twinkly nose, 
Tiny tail, 
And -- hop, he goes! 
What _is_ he -- 
Can you guess? 
I feed him carrots 
And watercress. 
His ears are long, 
His tail is small -- 
And he doesn't make any 
Noise at all! 
Tall ears, 
Twinkly nose, 
Tiny tail, 
And -- hop, he goes! 

          Marie Louise Allen

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bunny Boom 
Bunnies all around us, 
Bunnies so cute, 
Everybunny wearin' 
A little bunny suit. 
Bunnies on the rooftop, 
Bunnies on the fence, 
Pretty bunny ladies, 
Happy bunny gents. 
Bunnies in the bushes, 
Bunnies up a tree, 
Bunnies in the living room, 
Watchin' TV... 
Bunnies in the bathtub, 
What a frisky bunch, 
Bunnies in the kitchen, 
Fixing bunny lunch. 
Bunnies in the basement, 
Bunnies in their jammies, 
Saying bunny prayers. 
Thoughtful little bunnies 
Painting Easter eggs, 
Rowdy Little bunnies, 
Tapping bunny kegs... 
Bunnies by the busload, 
Bunnies by the dozens, 
Chasing bunny playmates,
 Kissing bunny cousins. 
Bunnies all around us, 
What a funny view -- 
Last spring I remember 
All we had were two! 

                 Ed Cunningham 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet Little Bunny 

I awakened with a feeling 
that the day would not go well. 
It seemed that I was out of sync, 
and things just wouldn't jell. 
I looked outside my window 
and, cute as he could be, 
sat the sweetest little bunny, 
who was looking back at me... 
He cocked his furry head 
and looked, as if about to say, 
“I'm hear to cheer you up, 
to help you have a happy day!” 
I forgot my moody feelings 
as I looked him in the eye 
and said,“Hey, little rabbit -- 
thanks so much for stopping by!” 

                         Glenda Allen

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rabbits love to play!!
You know its true!!
They run, they jump, they flip and play hide and seek.  They even toss things in the air.
And just like human kids, they love a good toy. A good toy helps them from getting bored. "MOM!!!...There's nothing to dooooooo...." (add a whining sound for realism)
And now you have a choice. You can go out and buy toys for your bun...or...unlike most children, rabbits appreciate homemade toys too.
Bunny toys should reflect  their natural behaviors, such as digging and tossing, tunneling and chewing.
 Here are a few fun, easy suggestions for you to try-

* Cardboard boxes or purchased cardboard castles made for rabbits with openings and ramps
* Large cardboard tubes made for rabbits or find form tubes (used for concrete) at a building supply just make sure they aren’t treated with any chemicals before purchase.
*Wood Bird toys – mobiles are okay especially the wood type and check at all materials in the construction of it.
* Large rubber or plastic balls for pushing. Stay away from foam or styrofoam materials that can cause choking or blockages.
*Baby rattles for throwing – be sure the plastic is strong enough to resist bunny teeth.
*Big Plastic Slinky – I like them, too . . . what is it about a slinky, anyway?
* Small stuffed animals with no removable chewable parts or hard eyes – more for snuggling than playing. If you have a single rabbit, they might enjoy a snuggle toy.
*Baked and cleaned pinecones for tossing.  Don't go for exotic "pinecones" that aren't your basic evergreen pinecone.
* Small cotton rag rug for arranging and tunneling inside. Make sure bunny won't eat it.
* Old phonebooks, although, these are becoming harder to find, rabbits love digging in them and chewing. *Core cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper rolls – get the ones with the least amount of glue on the cardboard!
* Untreated willow baskets – without paint or varnish or other chemicals.
*Big plain paper bags from the grocery store for chewing and exploring

Does your bunny have favorite toys?
Please tell us about them!!

A Happy Bunny Makes for a Happy Home!!

art by:  Leontine Greenberg

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I stumbled upon a fun artist-Lim Heng Swee. You can find him here. Lim says "I would describe my work as simple and fun, but with a strong idea or message behind it. Life should be fun and humorous when possible and I hope that my illustrations generate a sense of joy and happiness."
 Well done Lim Heng Swee.
We're smiling!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bunny

Consider the bunny-
God's cockeyed creation
patently purposed
for pure decoration!
Fed up with all of that
firmament stuff,
He got“Sixth-Day Sillies”
and whipped up this fluff...
Majestical beasts?
Pah! Enough of their pride,
Creation was good --
but, well, too dignified!
So God took some whiskers
and cut them too long,
Set the eyes wide
and aimed them all wrong,
Stretched out the ears
to amazing extent,
Then put them on
like no ears ever went,
Stuck an itch-twitch
at one end of the thing,
and gave the other
a comical spring!

Gave it no sense of direction,
and then,
Just for fun, gave it
the nerves of a wren!
Looking for grace?
Try the nimble giraffe...
God made this creature
to bring us a laugh!
When it was done,
God saw it was funny--
And when Adam
stopped chuckling,
he called it a bunny!

               Ellen Brenneman

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rabbits Rock and ROLL in The Hobbit!!
Though they only make a brief appearance  in the newest Hollywood sensation known as THE HOBBIT...
and even though they are solely the fictitious creation of Peter Jackson and not in the book...
We are grateful to witness the wild ride of the "Rhosgobel" rabbits pulling their sled ahead of the disgusting Orcs!!
 Isnt Middle-earth Grand!?

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Make Believe 

       All is welcome to my crunching, 
          Finding, grinding, 
       Milling, munching, 
          Gobbling, lunching, 
   Fore-toothed, three-lipped mouth-- 
   Eating side way, round way, flat way, 
   Eating this way, eating that way, 
Every way at once!  

George MacDonald

art-Ester Garcia 2