Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Thats how many people live in the United States.
Can you guess how many pets live here?
Approx. -360,000,000
Isn't that’s astonishing?!
 Not only that, but spending on pets has surpassed the candy industry and the toy industry. Its a good thing ...dont ya think...that we spend more on our furry friends and we do on Snickers Bars?!
We sure do love our pets!

More than half of us buy a holiday gift for our pets. And depending on who you believe, 8-50% of us  buy our pets something special for their birthdays.

Why do you think this is?
There are all sorts of theories.
Pets could be becoming America's new kids.  Women are waiting longer to have children, and many more than in the past are choosing not to have kids at all.
But still there is a need to nurture and care for and watch over a little something.
We like the company.

So it looks like the young and the old, the single and the married, and the empty nesters alike...are all lavishing their attentions on their pets.
Thats ok though..for we have a lot to give.
And its good for the lucky pets who are on the receiving end of all this generosity!!  

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  1. I think it is very unfair and silly that children are allowed in almost every public establishment and animals are not. Children are destructive, loud, messy, undisciplined little terrors. Pets are very well behaved and clean. I had my chihuahua puppy with me once in a dollar store, and she was all covered like a baby, very quiet, very still, and NO ONE knew I had a dog with me until I checked out at the register, where I got a stern lecture and pissy looks from the employees. However, there was a child there at the same time, screaming, begging, being a brat and a general nuisance, and NO ONE said a word to the parent.
    It was clearly a case of Species-ism.