Friday, November 8, 2013

The 10 Most Popular Breeds of Rabbits
(according to ARBA)

Drum roll please!!

#1-Mini Rex

#2-Netherland Dwarf

#3-Holland Lop


#5-Mini Lop


#7-New Zealand

#8-Jersey Wooly


and last...but not least...


Which one do you have at home?
We are looking to add a new bunny to our household soon! 
A Netherland Dwarf Seal!!
We're so excited!!

1 comment:

  1. I have a Jersey Woolly and he has the Netherland's Dwarf markings. He is my sweet baby boy. The three girls are not so sweet and they all take turns humping on him in dominance. Not to dominate him, but more to claim him in front of the other two girls. She who humps last owns him, I guess.
    I also have a black beauty of a lionhead, a big lop and a another girl with upright ears. The lop looks bigger, but Myra (ears up) is MUCH heavier. Although when I first captured her (feral outside) she was scrawny. Now she is fat and luxuriously buxom and floofy. Must be the rabbit food....(SFNRF) hehehe.