Sunday, July 27, 2014


Back in 1940 on this date Bugs Bunny made his debut in an animated film called A Wild Hare.  The plot was the same as most of the cartoons involving Bugs Bunny - Elmer Fudd hunting rabbits, only to have Bugs escape every time. The first thing Bugs Bunny said to Elmer Fudd was this - "What's up, doc?" That phrase became Bug's catchphrase.

Bugs Bunny starred in more than 160 classic Warner Brothers cartoons.  He could dance, he could sing and he was "hare"larious.  His carrot chewing persona probably didn't do much to dispel the myth about rabbits eating carrots.  However, he became the second cartoon character, after Mickey Mouse, to receive his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Because Bunnies Breed Like...well, bunnies!

We can't emphasize enough the importance of getting your pets, and especially rabbits, spayed and neutered. Not only does it cut down on overpopulation, it also helps to cut the risks of some cancers, and can certainly help with those pesky behavioral issues.

Add to that the fact that many foster and rescue groups are pushed to the brink of their capabilities all at a time when belt tightening and budget cuts have made it such that many community animal shelters no longer even accept rabbits, and you have a situation where even a few extra bunnies is a big deal with no place to go.

There are currently thousands of loving, adoptable, often spayed and neutered, pet bunnies out there at shelters and rescue organizations just waiting for a good home. Let's not add to that situation when the solution is just so simple.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So this World Spay Day, make sure ALL your pets are spayed and neutered!

Check out the Humane Society of the United States for further information. Also check with your local rabbit rescue or shelter to find local veterinarians specializing in rabbit spays and neuters.

We thank you and the bunnies thank you!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis The Season to be Careful!!!

Just like Halloween...Christmas and all its glitter and sparkle can be hazardous to your buns health...
More cords.
Package wrappings, and tinsil
Artificial trees

Use baby gates to protect the protect your bun.

The good news is that NATURAL Christmas trees are safe -- But be sure to ask before you buy a tree; a "natural" looking tree may still have been treated with pesticides, fire retardent, even paint! (Yes, some lots will spray their trees with a paint! So much for natural... )

Natural pinecones are safe as well; again, many sources of pinecones, however, will not be natural, if if they look it! Pinecones purchased at craft stores will usually be coated with a scent, some type of sealant, or other chemical process which makes them unsafe for bunny consumption.
We have pinecones in the backyard!! Free treats!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

sTOP!!  iTS mR rABbIT!!!! 

Designer Ji Lee and his team of inventive public art enthusiasts have created a touching urban intervention titled "Mysterabbit." The street project involves 10,000 tiny bunny statues that have been hidden in random spots across the world.
From South Korea to Iceland to the United States, Lee's small sculptures -- which appear to be meditating -- greet unsuspecting pedestrians who happen to catch a glimpse of the peaceful creatures as they go about their business.
Mysterabbit is a whole new take on the age old cliche, "Stop and smell the roses," that encourages hurried city residents to take slow down and enjoy life's small pleasures. "We hope [Mysterabbits] will stop people from their daily routine and for a brief moment, make them wonder about their mysterious, newly found gift, and a small piece of the beautiful world that surrounds them

Friday, November 8, 2013

The 10 Most Popular Breeds of Rabbits
(according to ARBA)

Drum roll please!!

#1-Mini Rex

#2-Netherland Dwarf

#3-Holland Lop


#5-Mini Lop


#7-New Zealand

#8-Jersey Wooly


and last...but not least...


Which one do you have at home?
We are looking to add a new bunny to our household soon! 
A Netherland Dwarf Seal!!
We're so excited!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Thats how many people live in the United States.
Can you guess how many pets live here?
Approx. -360,000,000
Isn't that’s astonishing?!
 Not only that, but spending on pets has surpassed the candy industry and the toy industry. Its a good thing ...dont ya think...that we spend more on our furry friends and we do on Snickers Bars?!
We sure do love our pets!

More than half of us buy a holiday gift for our pets. And depending on who you believe, 8-50% of us  buy our pets something special for their birthdays.

Why do you think this is?
There are all sorts of theories.
Pets could be becoming America's new kids.  Women are waiting longer to have children, and many more than in the past are choosing not to have kids at all.
But still there is a need to nurture and care for and watch over a little something.
We like the company.

So it looks like the young and the old, the single and the married, and the empty nesters alike...are all lavishing their attentions on their pets.
Thats ok though..for we have a lot to give.
And its good for the lucky pets who are on the receiving end of all this generosity!!  

Monday, November 4, 2013

We  love contests!
We hold them all the time on our Facebook page
We are  toying with the idea of an art contest.
(But havent figured out how to pull it off...yet)

But here's another animal advocate group that had a fun poetry contest, for school age children.
We thought it would be nice to  share the results with you.
Creative kids rock!
Here is where you go for todays smile!

We love the worlds animal lovers.
What'd you think?  Should we have an art contest?!
Would you enter?
We'd love to hear from you!!