Friday, December 6, 2013

Tis The Season to be Careful!!!

Just like Halloween...Christmas and all its glitter and sparkle can be hazardous to your buns health...
More cords.
Package wrappings, and tinsil
Artificial trees

Use baby gates to protect the protect your bun.

The good news is that NATURAL Christmas trees are safe -- But be sure to ask before you buy a tree; a "natural" looking tree may still have been treated with pesticides, fire retardent, even paint! (Yes, some lots will spray their trees with a paint! So much for natural... )

Natural pinecones are safe as well; again, many sources of pinecones, however, will not be natural, if if they look it! Pinecones purchased at craft stores will usually be coated with a scent, some type of sealant, or other chemical process which makes them unsafe for bunny consumption.
We have pinecones in the backyard!! Free treats!!