Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Safety Tips for You and You Bun!!

You smart rabbit owners have probably already thought about all these things...
But a good reminder never hurts...right?

For a frightened furry friend is no fun.

Tip #1-Think about the noises created by the celebration of Halloween. Doorbells and squeals, hooting and hollering.  There are all sorts of crazy sound effects, both inside and outside your home.  Those furry ears will pick up all of it.  Keep your bun away from the door and in a quiet room.  You know he'll thank you for it later.

Tip #2- Did you know that your bun recognizes your shape before anything else. Your shape and your smell. Costumes are going to wig him out! If your costume changes your a boxy robot...and you talk with a new accent, your bun wont know who you are.  Which we can all imagine would be a scary experience for Floppy. Try putting your costume on in front of him.  That'll eliminate the surprises... Or at least lessen the uncertainty.Or better yet...put on your costume after he's gone to bed!!!

Tip#3-Candy. We know its not good for us. We are certain its even worse for rabbits. Be strong and say NO!!

Tip #4-Decorations. That cottoncandy looking spiderweb from Walmart may look appetizing...but its no good for the buns. Not on any level. Serious tummy problems are guaranteed if this stuff is ingested. Keep it out of reach!!

Tip #5-Candles. The same rules that apply to kids apply to bunnies and fire. That yummy smelling jack-0-lantern with a candle inside will be to hard to resist!! Curiosity will kill the bun and possibly set the house on fire!! Out of reach is best!

Tip#6-Pet Costumes.  Sticks in the mud dont recommend them for rabbits. But its almost impossiable to resist the tempation to use those ears and cute round body and cover them in adornments.  If you do, please remember to not use rubber bands and elastics. They will be too tight! Watch them like a hawk..for they will probably try to get it off...for they will feel silly, right!?  Dont let them get entangled.  And resist the temptation if you think this custom of dressing up will stress your little bun out or that'll heat them up too much either,  Have Peter the Rabbit dress as fast as a runway model, and then snap a few pics and then disrobe as fast as a model as well!!

Have fun Halloween fans!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"DO" The Worlds Oldest Rabbit

You want to know his secret!!!??
He never ate a vegetable in his live long life!!!
Isnt that what David Sherwood has been telling us all along!!!??
Sure we want to give the ones we love a treat...
But should we!!!?? 
Food for thought folks.
Go HERE for more about "DO" the Oldest rabbit.  
And go Here and Here to learn more about the diet Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food suggests for your bun.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Here’s a handy tool from the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. It’s a state-by-state listing of emergency veterinary clinics and hospitals. Use the tool and post the results on your refrigerator (or smartphone) before you need it.
Go here for the help!!