Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

July 28,- Today is the Beatrix Potter’s birthday –  Many admire Beatrix Potter because even though she was the creator of wonderfully illustrated children’s stories, she was talented in many other ways. Despite growing up as a daughter in a Victorian era family she was an artist and writer, and known as a gifted natural scientist and botanical illustrator. In her later years she bought farmlands and became a sheep expert. She was also a conservationist and left her lands in a national trust.
 But most of all Beatrix loved animals and the 'real' Peter Rabbit who was a Belgian buck rabbit she called Peter Piper. She said of Peter that he was 'bought at a very tender age, in the Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush, for the exorbitant sum of 4/6'. This little rabbit she called her 'affectionate companion' gave his first name to one of the world's best-loved fictional characters.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Beware of Overheating During Summer MonthsSummer is in full swing and we want to remind everyone that bunnies do NOT tolerate heat well. If they get overheated it can quickly become fatal. Imagine if you were wearing a fur coat in hot weather!

Please protect your bunny from becoming overheated by keeping them indoors and making sure the temperature does not exceed 78 degrees. Any time the air temperature gets to 80 or above, it quickly becomes dangerous, not to mention very uncomfortable. Another way to help keep your bunny cool is to provide a couple 12" x 12" squares of marble, granite or even just ceramic tile for them to stretch out on. These can be purchased for a couple to a few dollars each from a home improvement store. You can also fill a plastic water or soda bottle with water and freeze it, then put it on a mat or towel in their living area for them to stretch out next to if they are feeling too warm. Fans are good for circulating the air, but don't set them so they are blowing directly on your bunnies.
And of course, never leave your bunny unattended in a vehicle even if you think you might be 'just a minute or two' with a quick stop at a store. It only takes a couple minutes for the inside air temperature of a vehicle to soar well beyond what bunnies can tolerate. 

Here is a link to an informative article by the 
House Rabbit Society .

art by Erin Kravchenko