Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bunny

Consider the bunny-
God's cockeyed creation
patently purposed
for pure decoration!
Fed up with all of that
firmament stuff,
He got“Sixth-Day Sillies”
and whipped up this fluff...
Majestical beasts?
Pah! Enough of their pride,
Creation was good --
but, well, too dignified!
So God took some whiskers
and cut them too long,
Set the eyes wide
and aimed them all wrong,
Stretched out the ears
to amazing extent,
Then put them on
like no ears ever went,
Stuck an itch-twitch
at one end of the thing,
and gave the other
a comical spring!

Gave it no sense of direction,
and then,
Just for fun, gave it
the nerves of a wren!
Looking for grace?
Try the nimble giraffe...
God made this creature
to bring us a laugh!
When it was done,
God saw it was funny--
And when Adam
stopped chuckling,
he called it a bunny!

               Ellen Brenneman

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