Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rabbits love to play!!
You know its true!!
They run, they jump, they flip and play hide and seek.  They even toss things in the air.
And just like human kids, they love a good toy. A good toy helps them from getting bored. "MOM!!!...There's nothing to dooooooo...." (add a whining sound for realism)
And now you have a choice. You can go out and buy toys for your bun...or...unlike most children, rabbits appreciate homemade toys too.
Bunny toys should reflect  their natural behaviors, such as digging and tossing, tunneling and chewing.
 Here are a few fun, easy suggestions for you to try-

* Cardboard boxes or purchased cardboard castles made for rabbits with openings and ramps
* Large cardboard tubes made for rabbits or find form tubes (used for concrete) at a building supply just make sure they aren’t treated with any chemicals before purchase.
*Wood Bird toys – mobiles are okay especially the wood type and check at all materials in the construction of it.
* Large rubber or plastic balls for pushing. Stay away from foam or styrofoam materials that can cause choking or blockages.
*Baby rattles for throwing – be sure the plastic is strong enough to resist bunny teeth.
*Big Plastic Slinky – I like them, too . . . what is it about a slinky, anyway?
* Small stuffed animals with no removable chewable parts or hard eyes – more for snuggling than playing. If you have a single rabbit, they might enjoy a snuggle toy.
*Baked and cleaned pinecones for tossing.  Don't go for exotic "pinecones" that aren't your basic evergreen pinecone.
* Small cotton rag rug for arranging and tunneling inside. Make sure bunny won't eat it.
* Old phonebooks, although, these are becoming harder to find, rabbits love digging in them and chewing. *Core cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper rolls – get the ones with the least amount of glue on the cardboard!
* Untreated willow baskets – without paint or varnish or other chemicals.
*Big plain paper bags from the grocery store for chewing and exploring

Does your bunny have favorite toys?
Please tell us about them!!

A Happy Bunny Makes for a Happy Home!!

art by:  Leontine Greenberg

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  1. :D

    I've finally embraced the realization that I don't need to get my buns Christmas toys, because they are ecstatic at all the new cardboard boxes and wrapping paper LOL!