Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Rabbit Habit

I have a rabbit habit.
I collect them constantly.
I hardly dare go shopping
in case there's one I see.
I love all bunny statues
made of pewter, wood or glass,
and rabbit-patterned kitchenware
with bunny demitasse...
I like to cuddle bunny toys
stuffed and fluffed with fur,
and even rabbit lingerie
holds quite a strong allure.
I favor rabbit ornaments
to hang around my home.
I've wondered if there's
such a thing as bunny
shaving foam...
If someone were to ask me
to a genuine masked ball,
I'd go as Br'er or Velveteen--
no contest, none at all!
OOOOOh, I have to have my bunnies.
It's a rabid habit, see?
You haven't heard the half of it.
Help me -- rabbitly!

                         Cheryl Hawkinson

art-daria lvovsky

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!! I just got back from "thrifting" and wrangled me up some bunny stuff. I went SPECIFICALLY or bunny stuff. With Easter on the horizon, there is an abundance of it, but I only like straight bunny/hare things, NOT EASTER Bunny stuff.
    But I did get some stuffed toy marshmallow peeps for my chihuahua!