Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bunny Boom 
Bunnies all around us, 
Bunnies so cute, 
Everybunny wearin' 
A little bunny suit. 
Bunnies on the rooftop, 
Bunnies on the fence, 
Pretty bunny ladies, 
Happy bunny gents. 
Bunnies in the bushes, 
Bunnies up a tree, 
Bunnies in the living room, 
Watchin' TV... 
Bunnies in the bathtub, 
What a frisky bunch, 
Bunnies in the kitchen, 
Fixing bunny lunch. 
Bunnies in the basement, 
Bunnies in their jammies, 
Saying bunny prayers. 
Thoughtful little bunnies 
Painting Easter eggs, 
Rowdy Little bunnies, 
Tapping bunny kegs... 
Bunnies by the busload, 
Bunnies by the dozens, 
Chasing bunny playmates,
 Kissing bunny cousins. 
Bunnies all around us, 
What a funny view -- 
Last spring I remember 
All we had were two! 

                 Ed Cunningham 

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