Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We have an amazing supporter of Sherwood Forest Rabbit Food in a benevolent place called THE RABBIT HAVEN, which is situated in the rolling green hills of Santa Cruz, California. (my old stomping ground.)

 The Rabbit Haven was formed to achieve the following goals:
 *To educate the public all about rabbits, including their care, diet, grooming, medical and social needs.
 *To provide rescue, shelter, medical care, foster care, and spay/neuter services for abandoned and endangered rabbits.
 *To place rabbits into permanent, safe, loving, indoor homes.

 Heather Bechtel, Founder and Director of The Rabbit Haven, began working with rabbits and other animals in 1958. Her family was involved in the medical field and provided much needed help and education to her in these early years. Heather has been involved in animal care (especially medical care) and rescue since that time. Heather comes from a medical and business background with a strong focus in non profit program development and management. She founded the Rabbit Haven in 1987. At that time, a special bunny entered Heather’s life causing her to focus on the needs of rabbits. She credits Bernstein (Bernie) with inspiring her to learn as much as possible about the care and needs of rabbits and to share that information with other people. Bernie was injured, sick and needed so much help when she found him. He required a high level of support to help him survive. She found that it was very difficult to find much information at all to help him. In the process of finding the medical care he needed, she realized that there was a profound lack of material regarding rabbits and their proper care. Few veterinarians that she contacted even knew how to care for rabbits. This situation concerned her. She realized that this lack of care information was a serious problem that was keeping many rabbit caregivers from being able to care for their rabbits. Rabbits were in trouble. They lacked the most basic care. In addition, very few people knew how to care for rabbits and had limited (if any) services available. Heather decided to make every attempt to remedy this troubling situation.

 Bernie’s plight led her to the formation of The Rabbit Haven, a (Haven) where rabbits could receive sanctuary, care, support and have the chance to find loving homes of their own. In addition, the Rabbit Haven Education Center was designed to help educate the public and shelters about rabbits and how to care for them.

To learn more about The Rabbit Haven and all the work it does to save rabbits and to educate and inform the public about the care and love of rabbits, Go here and here !!!
And we thank them for also spreading the word about our great food!! Yet another win, win for all!!

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