Monday, August 20, 2012

The Dangers of Soy In Rabbit Food

There are many more reasons why soy is bad for you and your bunnies. A better source of protein for rabbits is alfalfa because it has higher levels of many essential amino acids and vitamins without any of the ant-nutritional factors found in soy. Balancing it with the proper amounts of other nutrients will promote long-term health for your rabbits.
 Most rabbit food has soy products in the list of ingredients because it is cheap and considered a good source of protein (soybean meal). Ironically soy is also loaded with trypsin inhibitors that bind to the enzyme trypsin and deactivates it. This enzyme is required to digest the protein that your rabbit eats. If the protein can't be digested then it can't be absorbed. This can lead to digestive problems when the undigested soy reaches the end of the digestive tract where bacteria begin to ferment it. This changes the pH and promotes the growth of bad bacteria that then cause diarrhea or bloating. It is best to avoid rabbit food made with soybean meal and other soy products.
For more reasons why you should avoid soy in your rabbit's diet-read the rest of the article HERE 

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