Sunday, August 12, 2012

I know we're speaking to the choir here...about the love of bunnies.
But how often are we asked why bunnies make good pets?

We thought we'd share a few thoughts on the subject.
Rabbits arent  for novelty Easter "gifts" anymore...and never should be.  Easter should be about jelly beans and coloring eggs and thinking of the Savior.
Rabbits are living, breathing, feeling pets.

Never-the-less rabbits are indeed growing in popularity as house companions.  Did you know that there are now 5.3 million pet rabbits in the world!? Crazy!!
Do you wonder why the rise in popularity? Some folks attribute it to the internet.  It seems that more people are sharing their positive experiences with their pet bunnies. Rescues and rabbit organizations  are using the internet to get the word out as well.  It seems that when people talk on the internet, others listen. may just be a rabbit some people are dog persons or cat persons or reptile people.
What is a rabbit person? What do they look like?
It may be that a rabbit person is a person that derives as much pleasure from watching their pets behavior as much as and if not more than handling your pet.  Observing your bunny's personalities is quite satisfying if you are truly a rabbit person. You may have a silly rabbit,or a frisky bunny, much the same way a kitten can be. And just as dogs are known for their can your sweet bunny be.  Rabbits are intelligent and are easily litter-box trained and they learn to respond to their name and can master some tricks. (I know a bunny that loves to go tubing with its human family on Lake Powell!!)
And though it appears to be a cheap pet...$20.00 or so...bunnies dont deserve to be second rate pets. Do your research to be sure you and a rabbit are a good match. And understand that a rabbit may not be the best pet for small children. Children love to snuggle and pick up and haul around the things they love. Rabbits dont necessarily LOVE being picked up and hauled around...they prefer the ground.  They arent darling stuffed animals to be mauled and squashed.
There are more than 48 recognized breed of domestic rabbits. There are so many to choose from-Giants and minis and dwarfs- long eared ones and short eared breeds-Some come with long fir and others are short-haired. Colors seem limitless and there's even a rabbit bred so that one ear sticks up and the other flops down...called a unicorn lop..or a helicop lop which has both ears sticking straight out to the side!!
There is indeed great joy,amusement and satisfaction  in owning a rabbit for a pet, if you've done your research and taken the time to learn what to expect from your rabbit too!!
So ears up friends, and be a wise and informed pet owner!!

Ball Bunny by ThalitaDol on Etsy

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