Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lionhead Rabbits

Lionhead rabbits are recent arrivals that came from another wool breed. They require less grooming to maintain because they have less fur than true wool breeds and make great companions. Lionhead rabbits make great pets and get use to human contact when handled properly. However, caring for them can be a little more difficult than other pet rabbits because they require regular grooming. If you don't groom your rabbit regularly then two things can happen. First, if it has fur around its vent area then poop can cake up on it and create a mess. Second, without regularly removing excess hair by combing your rabbit then your rabbit might consume too much fur while it grooms itself. This leads to a condition called wool block (digestive system blockage) and can be fatal. A high fiber diet for your rabbit helps prevent wool block by quickly moving food (and hair) through the digestive system. However, not all high fiber rabbit food is the same. Before feeding it to your rabbit break apart the pellets to see if they contain large fibrous particles. If it is made solely of finely ground particles then it will likely contribute to wool block. You can also supplement their diet with grass hay (like timothy hay).
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