Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Can you guess how many teeth a rabbit has in its cute little bunny face?!
 The answer would be...28!!
A bunny has 4 incisors, 2 on the top and two on the bottom plus a whole bunch of other ivories. They have some teeth called "cheek teeth" that they use to grind their food.
Did you also know that rabbit's teeth never stop growing!? (like horses or beavers) And so...just like horses and the busy beavers...rabbits need to wear down their teeth by always chewing, nibbling, crunching on good things. So its very important to provide your bunny with all kinds of 'chew toys,' and a high fiber diet. For if you dont, your sweet rabbit may just choose to chew on the leg of you antique dining room table or your expensive carpet, or even on dangerous cords that swirl around on the floor.
 The high fiber diet is  the best answer for good dental health of your rabbit. Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food is an excellent source of fiber for your bunny. Providing cardboard boxes and tubes, unsprayed apple branches and willow baskets for chewing are another good idea as well.
 Lets do all we can to avoid costly vet visits for our dear pets!! Chewing is a good and very necessary trait for our rabbits!! Chew on friends!!!
(one of my darling grandbabies just got his first 2 bottom teeth...I guess it got me think'in about rabbit teeth.)

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