Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's That Noise?

People are you wonder what sounds rabbits make?
The answer is...YES!!

Here are a few sounds you can listen for and try to understand what they mean.

Tooth-purring- here we have a soft, rhythmic tooth-grinding.  You can imagine the sound.. especially if you have been the recipient of a loving scratch behind the ears.  The sound indicates pleasure and contentment.

then there's Tooth-grinding- here is a louder, crunchy like chewing ice kind of sound. This sound usually indicates pain or discomfort.

Bunnies can Honk/or Grunt as well....its one and the same.  Here is a low, bass sounding noise. It usually indicates excitement, interest, and happiness.

Then how about the Growl/bark- which is a loud, sharp noise. Watch out! This usually means your bunny is angry and or fearful. These sounds can also be accompanied with a lunging forward and "boxing" of their front beware of a possible nip.

And here's hoping you never have to experience a bunny screaming. (it'll raise the hairs on the back of your neck) Screaming happens when the bunny fears death and is experiencing great pain. Lets vow to do our best to NEVER hear this sound!!

How about the squeak/snort- a nasal sound that usually occurs when your rabbit is extremely happy;possibly when your rabbit is eating, grooming or mating.

We'll finish with the thumping- a sound that has nothing to do with  Disney's Thumper. Folks stamp their feet when frustrated or when they want attention.  When your rabbit does it, its usually a warning of danger, or another sign of frustration or anger.  He'll also do it when he's scared  or trying to scare something away.

Have you heard your bunny snoring?  You've heard the stories of rabbits snoring...especially those that like to sleep on their backs!!

Happy Deciphering!!

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