Monday, September 10, 2012


.Why Not to Buy a Baby Bunny  
Many people buy baby bunnies when in a pet store - their heart is touched by how cute and adorable this little ball of fluff is or they're concerned about the poor, crowded conditions the poor animal is living in. Whatever the reason, PLEASE do not buy baby bunnies from pet stores or street vendors. Too often children accidentally injure or kill the bunny with rough handling and/or the family hasn't educated themselves on how to care for it and many are not prepared for the 10+ year commitment to proper care, diet, housing and vet bills. The unfortunate result is the unwanted bunnies get dumped in parks and neighborhoods to fend for themselves or turned in at shelters which are overcrowded.

Key Reasons Why:
1) The bunnies are much too young to be taken from their mother and may not survive.
2) Pet store employees may be uninformed or may lie and say they know what sex the bunny is but in truth that cannot be determined until the bunny is quite a bit older.
3) They will say it is a dwarf rabbit when the animal is really just  a tiny baby bunny and it will grow and some will become quite large.
4) Bunnies sold in pet stores are too young to have been spayed or neutered yet. As the bunny grows and puberty sets in the bad behavior begins - spraying, biting, easily frightened, excessive chewing, digging, hyperactivity and so on. Spay or neuter is the solution to these problems but must be done when the bunny is old enough.
5) If you buy a rabbit that only encourages the pet store to get more rabbits from breeders to sell and make more money off these poor creatures, all while thousands of bunnies are waiting in shelters for homes, many of whom are euthanized due to overcrowding.
6) Spay and neuter surgeries can be expensive and many people don't want to spend the money. However, when you adopt from a rescue or shelter the bunnies have already been spayed or neutered.
7) An older rabbit is easier to litter box train. Baby bunnies are often messy and it takes time for a baby bun to mature and develop good litter box habits.

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