Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Light-Hearted Account of One Kind-Hearted Woman and Her Adventures with a Brave Young Rabbit In Peter Rabbit and My Tulips, a Tale of Wonder and Discovery, Vitina Corso Gulino Takes the Reader on a Journey through her Very Own Backyard and into the Life of Peter, her Rabbit Companion. 

At an age when most would be basking in the glories of their golden years, Vitina Corso Gulino, , has taken the bull by the horns. Having published her first book, It’s Never Too Late, at the age of 86, Gulino is now taking her passion for writing in the direction of beautifully-written and illustrated book for children and, of course, for the young-at-heart. Her newest book, Peter Rabbit and My Tulips, is the delightful portrayal of a real life rabbit who Gulino affectionately calls “Peter Rabbit”. Peter lives on Gulino’s land. Gulino’s account of Peter and the special bond that forms between the two of them is truly a charming work-of-art and a pleasant detour from the average children’s book, which readers will undoubtedly indulge themselves in again and again. The warmth and care put into this book will, most certainly, set it apart from the run-of-the-mill children’s books published today. Peter Rabbit and My Tulips calls to mind a sort of nostalgia for days gone by. Gulino’s deft touch will not only captivate its readers imaginations, but also steal a place in their heart. There are few stories that so genuinely capture the capricious nature of life. Peter Rabbits and My Tulips offers its readers the important lesson of slowing down and more carefully examine life’s blessings, large and small alike. It takes a woman of Gulino’s age and wisdom to create just such gem.

If you would like a copy to read to your kids or grandkids, go HERE

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