Saturday, September 8, 2012

Potty Training is Simple!

Taking care of a bunny rabbit in your home is simple if you set up a few things before you bring them home. Taking care of a bunny indoors is simple if you start by keeping them in a cage or small enclosure. The purpose is to help them become familiar with the location of their food and water and let them choose a corner that they will use as a bathroom. If you keep them in this location for at least a week they will become comfortable with their living arrangement. Then, under supervision, you can let them out of their cage to roam in the same room where their cage is. They need to be able to remember how to get back to their cage so they can use their chosen corner to go the bathroom or you'll have a mess to clean up. After another couple of weeks you can start letting them roam through a couple of rooms in your home and most bunnies will naturally remember to go back to their potty corner to go to the bathroom.
 Bunnies are very social. They when you first let them out to roam they may want to just explore your home. Let them do it within the boundaries you have set and realize that after a short time they'll start to follow you around and nap where ever you are. Just be careful not to step on them!
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