Monday, December 31, 2012

The Names of Rabbits 

The wall-eyed one, the looker to the side, 
And also the hedge-frisker, 
The stag of the stubble, long-eared 
The animal of the stubble, the springer 
The wild animal, the jumper, 
The short animal, the lurker 
The swift-as-wind, the skulker, 
The shagger, the squatter in the hedge, 
The dew-beater, the dew hopper, 
The sitter on its form, the hopper in the grass, 
The fidgety-footed one, the sitter on the ground, 
The light-foot, the sitter in the bracken, 
The stag of the cabbages, the cropper of herbage, 
The low creeper, the sitter-still, 
The small-tailed one, the one who turns to the hills. 


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