Monday, September 26, 2011

We've been under construction for what seems like ages!! But now we are off and running and can now offer you the best rabbit food on the planet!!

This may sound a bit odd, but you need to LOVE your rabbit food, because like us humans, it's "garbage in - garbage out"...we need to make sure our rabbits are getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so they can grow correctly and without the diseases and problems that can plaque a rabbitry if they are not getting the right nutrition in the correct amounts and at the right stage of their life.
Here at Sherwood Forest, we know rabbit food and are excited to have you try our 3 rabbit food formulations. Check out our store to see how you can get a discount on your first purchase.
Best to you and your rabbits,
David Sherwood
PS.Let us know how we can improve our service to you and what other sizes of rabbit food packages you would like.
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