Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show winner.... on Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food (L/G)

Hi Bob and Dave!

I’m sorry I didn’t get any time to really visit with you at the show…Those triple shows run me ragged when I have so many animals to show!

One thing I wanted to tell you was that my Lynx doe that won Best of Breed and 2nd Reserve in Show for me had been fed your grower formula.  The switches in feed didn’t cause her any loss of appetite or trigger a molt, which is testament that you have a very good feed formula!  The fines were the only  problem.  I hope you get a mill that can produce a nice solid product without the fines waste.  Let me know when you do and I’ll certainly give it another go.

Thank you!


Thank you Carrie for your comment!  We know the feed can be milled with minimal fines and it simply requires that the mill follow our protocol and meet our standards.  When a mill tries to rush things and increase production the quality gets compromised... it's a trade off that every mill has to decide on.

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